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Want to see proof?

We at MULTI CARD would love to do business with you.

If you are already a user of Plastic Cards,  ie.  Membership Cards, Photo-ID Cards, Door Access Cards, Contactless Cards, Custom Size Plastic Cards, etc... give us your artwork in Illustrator format, pdf, eps , jpeg, etc.... and we will produce YOUR ACTUAL SAMPLE CARD FREE OF CHARGE!!!! You hear us correct! Bring your artwork as well as your existing cards to our factory and we will prove to you our quality compares to your existing cards.

We want to proof that our quality is better than your existing cards. No charges will be incurred. You have nothing to loose! Furthermore for being loyal to us, we will either MATCH your existing price or better.

Why we are so confidence in our quality? Because we are now using Digital Printing and the quality is better than offset or silkscreen printing method!
Every print is the same.
Consistent high image quality.
Lower cost.
Shorter turnaround. Less than 24 hours!
Up to 4K pcs production in 24 hours!
Can make changes of artwork any time.
Able to see actual printout before actual production.
No plates or film to output!
For those who are planning for the first tme implementing Plastic Cards and wants to see actual samples of their design, we will only charge a minimum charges and upon confirmation of order with deposit, we will fully reimburse the charges. That means it is totally FREE samples.

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